Spring Wedding- Lambs on the Farm

Spring Wedding- Lambs on the Farm

Lambs In Spring Styled Shoot

I can’t believe Easter is here already.  I feel like it really jumped out of nowhere and surprised me!  Honestly, I thought we had another week and now I am scrambling trying to get everything ready for my kids.  I am not a gifty person so the struggle is real… first world problems!

I did’t want the season to pass by without me getting a chance to share all these gorgeous pictures from our Lambs in Spring shoot.  Every album I receive, I can’t stop gushing about how beautiful and amazing it was!  Those lambs were so dang adorable!  Thank goodness, the lambs and the CHILDREN behaved themselves.  Not gunna lie I was a wee bit nervous.  Combining photoshoot with children and animals is a recipe for disaster!  Luckily for us everything went smoothly!

PC: Jessica Nelson

Flowers Are the Best

We had two amazing couples.  Both were wearing dresses that were donated to shoot, both local bridal shops- Pink from Suzannes Bridal and the White was from Elizabeth Cooper Designs 

Both of these dresses were so flowy- combined with the floral crowns making them perfect for that spring vibe that I was going for!  I couldn’t have been more pleased!  

Pastel Florals

The florals were so dreamy!  Heather with Azflorations did such an amazing job.  I gave her very little details of what I wanted, I told her to do whatever she liked within our soft pastel color pallet and this is what she came up with.  There were so many beautiful arrangements everywhere!  The Table- The Crowns- The bouquets- The Cake- and on the pies.  So soft, beautiful and smelled amazing!  If you are hunting for a florist, she’s your gal!  Her work did not disappoint!

PC: Brigette Salva


Lets talk about that cake!!  Look how beautiful it is!  I love the middle glittery pink section with the beautiful florals all sitting pretty on top of my Vintage Drink Cart.  Placed under our largest Mesquite tree with the flowing banners above… this is my kind of cake scene.  

PC: Theo and Belle Photography

Pies Pies Pies 

I can’t move on without talking about these pies!  Holy amazing, they were delicious!  Seriously so so good!  Theses beauties were made by local baker- Emily with Sun Flour Pies.  I just couldn’t get over how beautiful all her pies were!  And the fact that they were both gorgeous and tasty! The details were incredible!  Braids and flower petals?  Dang!  

PC: Theo and Belle Photography

Tee Pee

For this shoot, I brought out my large tee pee.  I love this piece!  I’ve been using it quite a bit lately for weddings so it was fun to bring it out for a photoshoot.  This is great for the ceremony or just to anchor a lounge area.  Either way, this fun piece definitely makes a statement!! I have so many fun ideas of where and how to use this piece… Next month I get to make a new smaller Teepee to suspend the wedding cake! Yes! so excited!  

PC: Theo and Belle Photography

PC: Brigette Salva

Lambs Lambs Lambs

The Lambs, Oh my goodness THE LAMBS!! are they not the most adorable little things you have ever seen?  Lambs have a special place in my heart! Would you believe me if I told you they were triplets? I was raised with sheep and so a sight with a momma successfully taking care of 3 babes is uncommon. I have needed to bottle fed many lambs over the years but this girl (Shae) was doing a fantastic job all on her own! For those of you worried, we only used the lambs in brief increments and would switch them out if they seemed frightened. These sheep are around people and children quite a bit so nothing we were doing surprised them much. They cooperated so well! The children were so soft and gentle, they knew just what to do- making my momma heart proud

PC: Brigette Salva

This shoot brought me so much joy!  If there were ever a wedding that would be the heart and soul of Jarman Farm Events I think this would be it.  Soft colors, natural wood tons, billowy dresses, giggling children and of course lambs.  This was were wedding meets farm- making my heart sing.  Thank you to all the amazing vendors who contributed to this shoot and helping my vision become a reality.

XOXO- Kelsey

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Venue and Decor: @jarmanfarmevents l Rentals: @nativeevents l Florals: @azflorations l Cake: @raeyesbakes l Pies: @sunflourpies l Hair and Makeup: @beautybybobby l Models: @ashleyeden22 @kaylinilal l Dress (pink) @suzannesbridal (white) @neuebride l Ring: #rensgems


Engaged?  Need decor? I’m your gal!  Send me an email and lets get started!


PC: Theo and Belle Photography

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Elegant Citrus Themed Wedding

Elegant Citrus Themed Wedding

Give Me All the Citrus

 Hello!  Welcome to Jarman Farm Events!  Today I wanted to share with you this beautiful Citrus Themed Stylized Wedding Shoot.

All of this was inspired by Arizona’s amazing citrus.  If you haven’t had an Arizona orange you are missing out!  I will never understand the Florida orange hype, because the citrus here is unbelievably sweet.  mmmm…  Christmas morning wouldn’t be the same without fresh squeezed juice from right off our trees.  Seriously, its the best!

Credit: Rachel Fischer Visuals , Invitation suite: Lauren Yvonne Designs

The Place Settings

All the inspiration came while shopping at Home Goods, one of my absolute favorite stores!  I get so many great wedding pieces there.  I found these beautiful citrus place mats and I just had to buy them.  With that said, the citrus shoot was born!  

I paired those placemats with a wood grain charger, white dinner place, and white salad plate with gold trim.  ( I use those quite a bit!)  Gold silverware, crisp white napkin and to top it all off – Beautiful slice of locally grown grapefruit.   I absolutely love the color and texture the citrus brought in!

The Beautiful Flowers

If you know me, then you know that I love yellow.  I have loved yellow since I was a kid, in fact, I wanted yellow to be a big part of my wedding colors. ( That didn’t happen, but that is a story for another day!)  Seeing this bouquet at this shoot made all my floral dreams come true!  This was exactly what I had imagined my bouquet and wedding flowers to look like!  At the end of the shoot I was lucky enough to keep the bouquet!  Thank you Sydney!

The flowers were amazing and done by the talented Sydney Kerr.  This girl has talent dripping from her fingers!  find her instagram here: @sydneyelizaflorals

The Cake and Desserts

The cake table is always one of my favorite places to decorate.  For this shoot I was able to use my Nana’s old drink cart.  This little beauty is from the 1950’s and is still holding together amazingly!  I like to use it every chance I can!  She was always a lover of the beautiful things in life and I feel like she would be proud to know that her special items are bringing beauty and joy to others.  

The Cake was donated by the fabulous Jasmine with Suss Pastries (Suss is German for sweet, who knew?)

The mini Cake Cups donated by Rachel with Raeye Bakes and they were DELICIOUS!!!  

The Mother of All Chairs

Can we talk about this chair for a minute???  It is my new favorite!  I splurged when I bought this but I just couldn’t help myself!  Totally worth it! This new beautiful piece is now a part of my inventory and is available for rent!  

Its huge, its beautiful and so unbelievably comfortable!  I love everything about it!  Check out my Instagram if you want to see more variation of this chair and how I have used it at weddings and events!  If you were wondering where it lives when not at a wedding?  In my front room!  In fact, I am sitting in it right now!

Credit: Rachel Fischer Visuals

The Gorgeous Ring

This was my first stylized shoot where a jeweler donate a ring for the shoot.  This ring was so beautiful.  I am swooning over pear shaped rings lately.  How do I convince my husband that I need one?  Luckily there is amazon for cheap version, am I right?  Maybe a Mothers Day gift? *Hint*Hint*

Credit: Rachel Fischer Visuals

Jarman Farms Wooden Arbor

This isn’t new to my decor, but it was a beautiful addition to the shoot.  My Wooden Arbor with white curtains and a chandelier – looks like crystal but its plastic baby!  This piece is a romantic addition to any wedding, especially used as the backdrop to the vows. I love how the curtains billow in the wind…. heart swoon…

Credit: Rachel Fischer Visuals

1962 Cadillac Surprise

I had a fun surprise for all the photographers by bringing out our 1962 Cadillac.  No one knew this was coming out to play.  I always like to add a fun little bonus feature since Styled shoots can be a little pricey and I want to make it worth their time and money!  They get what they came for, plus a little more!  I rent this bad boy out so if interested in doing pics or having it show up at your wedding, shoot me an email.  Lets make it happen!

Thank You!

Overall, this shoot was a lot of fun! Couple was amazing, the vendors fantastic and the decor was on point!  Thank you to everyone who contributed!  Be sure to give all these amazing vendors some love!      XOXO- Kelsey

Vendors and their Instagrams

Photographer: @Rachelfischervisuals

Models: @brook_frame98

Hair and makeup: @bellabridalbeauty

Florals: @sydneyelizaflorals

Decor, planning & location: @jarmanfarmevents

Ring: Ren Keeling

Rentals: @nativeevents

Cake: @susspastries

Desserts: @raeyesbakes

Invitation suite: @laurenyvonnedesign

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