Rustic Romantic Wedding in Burgundy and Blush

I recently did a wedding that  brought me a lot of joy and I just wanted to share it on here.  Every October I do a discount sale (because its my birthday month!)  This couple and her sweet Mom snatched me up during my sale to decorate and plan for their December wedding.  Only 2 months away!  Everything about this wedding was so delightful!  The mom and bride were great company and easily excited about my decorating abilities!  Weddings are so much fun when everyone is excited!

Setting up the buffet table with the amazing caterer, Jennifer Hall

Credit: Jessica Nelson

Only Two Months Away

December wedding. Only 2 months away! Everything about this wedding was so delightful! The mom and bride were great company and easily excited about my decorating abilities! Weddings are so much fun when everyone is excited!

It was only 2 months away so we moved quickly! What I love about short engagements is that there isn’t enough time to second guess yourself. You make decisions and you move forward! That was how all our meetings went, quick and smooth. Just the way I like it!

Brianna chose burgundy, blush and gold for her colors with a heavy dose of greenery, because who doesn’t love greenery?? Her style was full blown Rustic Romantic. I’m telling you, it was gorgeous! The yard they chose was perfect. I specialize in backyard weddings so I appreciate a large, flat space with lots of mature trees! This yard surpassed them all! It was perfect for her style! I am happy to say that I will be doing another reception in this yard in a few months! I can’t wait!

Farm House Tables

Credit: Jessica Nelson

She chose blush sequin runners with eucalyptus garlands to run down the middle of large farmhouse tables.  (Scottsdale Farmhouse)  To keep within budget, we used a mixture of silk and real garlands.  I only have pictured here the silks before adding any natural stems.  (sorry ladies!)

Keeping It Simple

Credit: Jessica Nelson

The arbor she chose was a Jarman Farm Events special.  Its our new Rustic Arbor with white draperies and a chandelier.


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Credit: Jessica Nelson

The show stopper here was the pallet wall.  Now this pallet wall I have done many times before but never like this, and THIS WAS MY FAVORITE YET!  I loved the rich colors agains the warm woods.  I’m still swooning over these garlands!  When the light got low, we had these 2 chandeliers with their warm glow calling you in.  It was such a nice little space to sit and watch the wedding festivities.  I admit, I may have sat here for a few minutes with my own honey to enjoy the romantic atmosphere. 


Dear Brianna and Cody

Brianna and Cody, I am so glad that I was able to enjoy your special day along side of you!  Doing your wedding was a complete joy!  I wish you both the best, a long life with a beautiful, loving marriage ahead!





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